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Legend Homes would like to thank you for your enquiry. To assist you in the best way possible we just need some information from you first. By taking the time to answer the following questions in detail enables us to provide the most relevant, job specific information to maxamise your time when dealing with Legend Homes. Once we have received your completed questionnaire we will call to discuss your project in more details before arranging a time to meet in person on site or in our office, during our first free one hour 'project assessment' consultation.

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Concept design(s)
Planning permit
Site feature and level survey
Title boundary re-establishment survey (required if you wish to build to the boundary)
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Stormwater/landfill information
Energy rating report
Electrical plan
Internal joinery documentation
Window schedule
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Please provide a brief description of the works with anything else you would like to add that may assist us with your enquiry.

The planning and preparation stage is a time consuming process, however thorough detail is paramount. If we can gather as much information as we can now, this will reduce any lengthy delays moving forward.

Please Select*
An Architect/Designer/Draftsman to begin the process
Discussion/advice relating to initial concept design
Architectural documentation for the building permit
Other additional documentation such as:
Electrical plan
Energy rating report
Internal Joinery
Window schedule
Site level & feature survey
Structural engineering
Assistance with obtaining a building permit
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